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Cow Head

Cow Head

  • Inspired by the sacred Nandi and Kamdhenu, revered figures in Hindu Mythology.
  • "Nandi" is the sacred bull and the mount (vahana) of the god Shiva. He is often depicted as a bull kneeling in front of Shiva's shrine, symbolizing devotion and strength. Nandi is also considered the gatekeeper of Shiva and Parvati's abode, Kailasa, and is a prominent figure in Shaivism.
  • "Kamdhenu", also known as Surabhi, is the divine bovine goddess described as the mother of all cows. She emerged from the churning of the ocean (Samudra Manthan) and is believed to grant any wish or desire, symbolizing abundance and generosity. 
  • Handmade with intricate details, this piece is sure to create a stunning focal point in any room. Made of high-quality wood, this cow head is designed to last and will bring a sense of charm and grace to your living space. Whether displayed on a wall or shelf, this Cow Head is a timeless addition to any home.
  • Material: Wood; Hook attached, varnish coat

    Size of head:  11"x3"

    Size of ears: 3.5"x1.5"



संबंधित उत्पाद